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About The Role.

The Work Coach role is rewarding, varied and complex and no two days will be the same as you will be dealing with different customers and their specific support needs each day.

Overview of the role

As a Work Coach you hold a vital role in the Department, helping individuals and their families towards financial independence through work and enabling them to claim the support they need as they progress.

Work Coaches are customer-focused, dedicated individuals and able to deliver exceptional service with empathy and compassion to people who need their support.

As a Work Coach, you will use sound judgement to help people through some difficult, challenging times in their lives, and your tailored coaching can make a huge difference to their ability to find, stay in, and progress in a job.

If you're looking for a job that makes a clear difference to people's lives, a Work Coach role in DWP could be just what you are looking for.

What Work Coaches say about their roles

We think the best way to find out about what it is like being a Work Coach is to hear from the people doing the job directly. Below is a selection of insights from them.

Photograph of Hilary, a work coach. A quote from her reads: 'Getting someone into the right job feels great!'
Photograph of Privelege, a work coach. A quote from her reads: 'I get to connect with people in the community and I love it!'
Photograph of Kash, a work coach. A quote from him reads: 'Helping a customer find a job gives me a sense of achievement'
Photograph of Kal, a work coach. A quote from her reads: 'It's amazing to move someone into the next stage of their journey.'

Why are we recruiting Work Coaches now?

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the UK economy hard and as a result, DWP has seen a significant surge in the numbers of people looking for work and claiming benefits.

DWP is recruiting now to increase the numbers of Work Coaches in the organisation. This will ensure that everyone who needs our services can access the help and support they need to find another job.

Work Coaches have a critical role in the Jobcentre network. They are the people that our customers work with on a daily basis for the advice, coaching and support needed to secure themselves a job.

What would my responsibilities be as a Work Coach?

The Work Coach role is wide-ranging and diverse. You will be working with customers, employers and colleagues through a combination of digital, telephone and face to face contact on a daily basis. Some of the main activities are set out below: